Umpire Development & Courses

Helping Umpire Development within the North East


Umpire Development covers both coaching and assessing for umpires taking neutral appointments within the West area. We run an extensive programme covering all aspects of umpire development.

We have a Development Group for those wishing to progress at whatever level they are currently at (and whatever age!). Often umpires assume this is just for the very young and very ambitious – but we promise that’s definitely not the case. If you are keen to get better and willing to work with the Development team on a Personal Development Plan, we will support you no matter the extent of your umpiring ambition.

There’s also the incredibly important Maintenance Group (for umpires who are happy where they are and want to continue umpiring there for as long as possible – we often refer to these umpires as our ‘safe pairs of hands’) and the Alternative Involvement Group (for umpires who want to start getting involved in giving back through coaching and assessing).

Any umpires looking for opportunities to improve their umpiring at club level should get in touch with their Club Umpire Developer who will work with the North East Club Liaison team, which includes the Level 1 Assessment Manager, to help new umpires get qualified and get their practise in!

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