Adult Hockey Contacts

Y&NE  ALM and Division Contacts

Women's League Reps
Premier DivisionAnne Bowring
Division 1Andrew Nix
North East 1Mark Scott
North East 2Jean Renney
TyneJean Renney
TeesChris Thomson
Yorkshire 1Henri Williams
Yorkshire 2Henri Williams
Yorkshire 3Sarah Smith
Moor & Dale 1Lorraine Wood
Moor & Dale 2Henri Williams
Peak & WoldJan Raw
PeakShelley Howells
DaleChris Randall
MoorChris Thomson
WoldLorraine Wood
LindseyAnne Bryant

Men's League Reps
Premier DivisionTony Walker
Division 1Saul Halladay
North East 1Dan Baxter
North East 2Dan Baxter
North East 3Dan Baxter
Yorkshire 1Peter Richardson
Yorkshire 2Peter Richardson
Yorkshire 3Kenneth West
Yorkshire 4Kenneth West
Moor & DaleChris Randall
MoorChris Thomson
DaleChris Randall
Peak & WoldKenneth West
PeakSaul Halladay
WoldKenneth West

Chair of Adult Leagues & CompetitionsTimothy Stafford
Area League ManagerPeter Richardson
Deputy Area League ManagerChris Thomson